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delays into sfo because of low clouds. bay foggy to start low to mid 50s hazy sun by noon, 4:00 close to average low to upper 70s. inland temperatures in the 40s and 50s with fog in the north bay, sunny by noon, check out 4:00 temperatures, warm, 82 almost not 91 in east bay valleys. coast today more sunshine than yesterday starting off with fog this morning 48 to 53 by 4:00 upper 50s to mid 60s. time for traffic. >>> good morning. that fog is dense. skyline boulevard, daly city, golden gate bridge in a second, waldo grade come up on it fast, really difficult to see in that. bay bridge beginning to bunch up, no metering lights yet, you can see the cash paying folks are backed up, fastrak and commute lanes are looking good. golden gate bridge socked in limit visibility light into san francisco. from the peninsula north 101, two incidents accident at third blocking a lane and stall at the candlestick off-ramp. >>> developing news, this evening parents will meet with school district officials to talk about the arrest of an albany middle schoolteacher on suspicious of committing lewd acts
by noon, low to mid 50s, low 60s near 70 by noon. during the afternoon, make sure you have sunglasses mid six sees to -- 60s to mid 70s. inland, 40s to mid 50s, 40s north bay valley, where we fan the fog. mid 70s to mid 80s during the afternoon. coast partly sunny, jacket weather upper 50s to low 60s. summer is making a return, always happens this time of the year not a real strong offshore event fire danger going to stay at a minimum. we will get warmth at the coast 70s friday saturday, mid 80s bay, mid 90s inland. here's sue with traffic. >>> good morning. if you are traveling from san rafael towards southern marin traffic light, past lucas valley road here, no roadwork this morning repaving taking a day off, off-ramp will remain shutdown until 6 a.m. because of the roadwork otherwise not a problem towards the golden gate bridge that roadwork has been picked up traffic light, we saw crews configuring for your commute, four lanes southbound, two lanes northbound. farther north, north 101 still roadwork between the roanoke park expressway and santa rosa avenue northbound noncommute direct
. mid to upper 60s coast into san francisco, mover sunshine than yesterday, 70s bay, 80s south bay and north bay, if we have 90s east bay valleys today. mid to upper 80s inland monterey bay low to mid 70s watsonville, santa cruz. warmer tomorrow, saturday looks like the heat will peak sunday low to mid 70s this weekend at the beaches. if you are heading to stinson beach traffic probably going to be a nightmare. mid to upper 90s inland. here's sue. >>> good morning. patchy fog very dense in places just got a report highway 1 near skyline boulevard very socked in watch your speeds come up on thick patches of fog and you can't see very well. bay bridge looking good, fog-free heading into san francisco, no metering lights everything is smooth sailing on the upper deck, drive out of antioch towards pittsburg good eastbound 4 between bailey and railroad may slow you eastbound. north 101 thick fog over the waldo is very thick both directions on the golden gate bridge. a bit of slow traffic north due to the roadwork ongoing there. waldo grade and further north towards greenbrae near sir fr
, she is in her 20s. police say the driver of the pick up was speeding. he had to be cut from the wreckage himself. 53-year-old was taken to the hospital but moved to jail yesterday where he faces a charge of vehicular manslaughter. >>> milpitas police searching for who shot and killed a 7-eleven employee over the weekend police responded to reports of a shooting at 2:15 saturday morning. they found the body a 62-year-old employee, the man's name has not been released, per the family's request. >>> nadia lockyer is scheduled to be in court later today on drug and child endangerment charges she wases arrested last month at a y's home. police found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia -- in the room she was sharing with her son. she has pleaded not guilty. she was released and reentered drug rehab. she ther'?ñ estranged wife of state treasurer bill lockyer. >>> there are nine major fires burning in california now. the newest began friday in lake county, the scots fire burned five miles only 15% contained. a mile from homes, so far no evacuates. >>> 75 miles southeast of that,
, 50s, more sun by moon than yesterday warmer temperatures mid 80s by being, 70s bay 59 coast clouds at the coast 56 there by 7:00 around the bay 65 probably need a coat and 74 through the inland valleys during the evening. three-day forecast things are going to remain steady no wild swings in temperatures, no more thunderstorms, no more fire danger near normal with the coast mid to upper 50s mid to upper 70s bay and mid 80s inland. time for traffic. >>> good morning. back to the santa cruz mountains now highway 17 southbound closed big rig accident fire overnight, northbound lanes opened 1 a.m. southbound remains closed terry mcsweeney telling us hopefully chp wants those lanes open by 6:00 this morning, perhaps sooner we are following that. big rigs have no major alternate route except highway 92 from san mateo to half moon bay then highway 1 towards santa cruz. cars can use the old santa cruz highway for now, as an alternate around and we'll be following that once again. police activity in the oakland area has a "sig alert" eastbound 580 macarthur off-ramp closed west macarthur cl
cool down for many, but upper 40s to 50s. san jose is 54. san rafael is still holding on to 52. it is less than 10 now and that's assure sign for inland temperatures and it is at least the east bay inland temperatures. there is still a low on the coast. high pressure continues to build into the west and that will ensure temperatures. and the coast and the bay have to wait another day before they warm up. if everything continues to fall into place, we will get a north east whipped and the fog should clear out and not everybody in on this -- not everybody is in on this one. clouds towards the east bay and upper 80s for some to near 90s. no big changes friday, we warm up saturday and sunday and if there is a warmup on the coast it will happen then. >>> a big fire causes major damage to a bay area school and why some say that california's fire code may be to blame. >>> there is a little bit of fire in our picture, i will tell you more about that coming up in our morning commute. . >>> they are raising questions about the california fire code. they were there earlier this month and
the winds have not switched totally to a northerly gradient, but we are clear inland. 40s and 50s to start on out. we will look for the warmup to continue throughout midday. by noontime, 70s and 80s around the bay. still 50s at the coast but we are sunny. by 4:00 in the afternoon numbers will be upper 80s around the bay, upper 90s inland and 60s at the coast. it will be a warm evening and the fog will be away from the coast the next couple of days, but how warm will our warmth last? i'll let you no in a couple minutes. >> all right. thank you, lisa. several bay area counties are preparing for the hot weather. they are opening cooling centers to help people deal with the heat. in santa clara county centers will be open in cooper tino and emergency began hill. contra costa county had three centers in san ramon and you can cool off in almeda county at three city libraries and the union city sports center. for more information go to abc7news.com and click on "see it on tv." now to an east bay political fight is turned physical. a richmond city councilman is said to file charges for a person wh
. with the clear skies and light winds and dry air, we have low 40s out there from martinsburg and frederick, manassas down to 43. mid-40s la plata to fredericksburg. 30s at cumberland and petersburg at 37 while in town we're still holding on to 54. this afternoon partly sunny. becoming breezy. high temperatures in the mid, maybe upper 70s. nice. 6:00 let's go over to monika samtani. she's got your timesaver traffic. >>> on the southbound side of the bw parkway, the accident i told you about a few minutes ago near route 450 was cleared to the right shouer a while ago but now there's an accident on the southbound side of the bw parkway near route 410. apparently a single vehicle accident. you have all the slow traffic forming through the cheverly area and especially on the bw parkway here. we'll take a live look outside and show what you it looks like if you're planning to head over on to the bw parkway from our sky 9. you see the activity there on the southbound side with the flashing lights. that will cause your early morning delays. we'll keep you posted on that situation. let's go back ov
will hit the picket lines. >>> killing bin laden. one of the navy s.e.a.l.s talks about the moment that bin laden was killed. >> does a cheer go up among the s.e.a.l.s. you shake your hands? pat each other on the back? >> no, all business. 1:00 here. >> denver is peyton's place. after a year on the sidelines. peyton manning shines in his mile high debut. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, september 10, 2012. >>> good morning, everybody. good to be with you on a monday. i'm terrell brown. we'll hear more talk on the campaign trail about the steal mate in washington. democrats and republicans not working together particularly when it comes to the budget. over the weekend both sides said don't blame us. >> so i'm, you know, more than happy to work with republicans and what i've said in reducing our deficits we can make sure we cut $2.5 for every dollar of increased revenue. >> i'm more than happy to work with him. what we've learned in this presidency he says one thing and does another. >> the president and romney campaign battled over taxes. susan mcginnis is back in washington wit
temperatures. mostly whites for the fifties. by noon, '60s and '70s. afternoon highs in the '80s. temperatures will be: not to mix the '50s and '60s in the north bay. quarry he's " or for the inland valleys. mid-60's in downtown san francisco. upper 70's and low 80's in the north bay. for those of you had to the giants game, first pitch is that 5 05 p.m.. mostly clear conditions, mild and breezy with temperatures in the '50s in the '60s. here is a blog at your 7 day around the bay forecast. by thursday, low 90s inland, low seventies for the day and low-mid-60's at the coast with a lot of sunshine all week. for those of you who want more weather, news and traffic, judge tauber ended 24-7 news channel, comcast 193. >>ysabel: people in the washington d.c. area are cleaning up and surveying damage after severe weather rolled through yesterday. rain and wind made for a dangerous situation for those attending the annual jazz festival. the weather is toppled speak a word -- speakers and scaffolding. despite conditions, authorities say ever one was evacuated safely. the same weather systems is r
of north bay valley, locations slipping back into the 40s once again this morning. slightly warmer for your afternoon, the second half of your weekend, a slight cooldown in store. i'll detail this for you, coming up. >>> for the second night in a row, protesters marched through san francisco's mission district and vandalized numerous buildings, including a police station. we are live at the mission with more on what sparked the behavior. christian? >> reporter: john, a lot of the damage has been cleaned up in the areas of 16th, 17th and 18th streets and mission and valencia, where we are right now. take a look to the left. you can see the windows at live well fitness center have not been boarded up. you can see damage left over of a second night of rowdy street protests. san francisco police were out in force last night, trying to rein in the protesters for a second night. demonstrators marched through the streets to the mission police station, throwing paint on the door and a hammer at the officers. one officer received minor injury from the hammer. the protesters damaged two nearby banks,
beginning in the 1980s in county. herzog took his own life. herman tine is on death row in san quentin but a few weeks ago to this area so he could show them where more bodies may have been buried. >>> prosecutors in a san francisco hit and run case played cell phone video in court today of a late-night crime. surveillance video shows a confrontation inside a jack in the box restaurant last thanksgiving. 24-year-old here steps forward. his defense attorney calls the peacemaker in a fight involving cal fire firefighter albert. in court today prosecutors played a cell phone video that's heard saying yo i'm going to go run him over. prosecutors say minutes later used his randall's cart to nearby shell gas station. he remains in a coma. >>> the parents of a burlingame teen who died after drinking on a bus new law. 19-year-old brett smashed his car dropped off by a party bus two years ago. starting january 1st, companies must require chaperons. no people under 21 will be on the bus and if they suspect underage drinking. at a news conference outside their home today the studebakers said the
>>> this morning on early today, tipping point. anti-american protestors attack u.s. government buildings in two countries leaving one state department employee dead. >>> song frenzy. all eyes on apple as the rumors of the next generation iphone. >>> deep impact. an amateur astronomer captures a massive explosion on the planet an amateur astronomer captures a massive explosion on the planet jupiter. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. today we begin with under siege. violent protests broke out against the u.s. and libya in egypt yesterday resulting in the death of at least one american. in libya last night, smoke and flames billowed out of the u.s. consulate in benghazi after they clashed with armed muslim protesters throwing handmade bombs at the compound. the gun men were outraged at a film which criticizes islam and the prophet mohammed. while strongly condemning the attacks, secretary of state hillary clinton confirms that one state department officer was killed in the protest. >>> earlier tuesday anger over that s
. some patchy coastal fog that we'll be waking up to. taking a look at those, getting to the mid-80s in inland spots. mid-60s for the coast tomorrow afternoon then into the coast about 60. 77 in novato and 77 degrees expected for napa. for those of you heading out to the game, temperature will start about 60. >>> a spacecraft will fly over the bay area later this month. no it's not aliens but the sight should still be out of this world. >>> plus the days of no sales tax on amazon will soon be long gone. we have the details. >>> coming up later in this broadcast, a big big deal at the ballpark in san francisco. giants-dodgers. we have the highlights. the a's in seattle fighting for the play offs. a lot of good sports this evening. we'll join you later in this forecast. >>> new tonight at 11:00, space shuttle endevour is expected to make its final flight mounted on a shuttle aircraft carrier. but before it does, it will pass over parts of california. one of those areas is moffit field as well as several landmarks in san francisco. we'll be right back, much more ahead. [ owner ] i need
from school when she was hit and killed by an s.u.v. yesterday friends gathered to support the family and remember the young victim. >> thinking about it was the last time i was going to ever see her. i feel really bad and she doesn't deserve this. >> police say the driver of the s.u.v. is cooperating with the investigation and they do not believe alcohol was a factor. a memorial fund is set up in haleigh's name at wells fargo bank and contributions can be made at any branch. we're told the family is planning on moving back to new mexico. >>> san francisco police arrested a man overnight on suspicion of stabbing a person in the neck. it happened just before 9:30 last night in justin herman plaza. police say the suspect and victim got into some argument, and the suspect/ed the victim in the neck -- slashed the victim in the neck. the suspect was arrested a few blocks away. the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >>> thousands of cyclists from around the world blocked traffic in downtown san francisco for the 20th anniversary of critical math. that event
>>> developing news this morning. u.s. ambassador to libya among the americans killed in a rocket attack overseas. he has ties to the bay area. >>> more than a dozen people are homeless after an overnight fire in the east bay. we have details of a dramatic rescue. >>> palo alto police warning about another recent rash in home burglaries. we will show you the areas that are most effected. >>> and a big announcement expected today from apple here in san francisco. we'll tell you about the details swirling about the new iphone 5. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning september 12th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. steve is here. he's got the weather thing under control. >> i hope so. a lot of fog out there. it just means very similar to what we had the last couple of days. far enough inland it's hot. 60s and 70s around the bay. 80s inrabid. maybe a little cooler for some inland areas. we'll talk about that in the upcoming weekend coming up. here is sal. >>> good morning, steve. that traffic looks good heading up
50s in daly city, richmond, novato. the fog is already spreading into the bay shores. visibility reduced along the coastline. through the north bay, fog throughout the bay area. tomorrow morning, more widespread than what we saw this morning and is going to be cooler. >>> fbi investigate ors confirm they have brought in heavy machinery to an area where human remains were found earlier this year. at this point digging for more human bones has not started. j. r. stone has the latest. >> reporter: a deputy parked at the end of flood road in san joaquin county has investigators search for remains related to killer wesley sherman tine. >> he is not making this up. >> reporter: one of two men dubbed speed-freak killer for a meth-indeed killing rampage -- induced killing rampage during the '80s and '90s. pedia says tuesday's fbi site survey is in the same spot. >> gary: it definitely is, definitely, without a doubt. it's the same area that he drew maps in february and march. and it's the same area they took him two three sundays ago. >> reporter: earlier this year, authorities found th
people in oakland hope the national attention will spark dialogues about healthcare in the u.s.. >> i was impressed by the number of -- of dimensions that he got to film, you know, when talking to people, you know, at the hospital, both patients and staff. >> the film opens in the bay area on october 19th in oakland, the sun dance in san francisco and the camera cinemas in san jose. also nationwide twice at high land hospital on the big screen and in the front line healthcare debate. reporting live in oakland tonight, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> chevron today released alert other oil refiners failed causing last month's massive fire in richmond. chevron says a carbon fueled pipe may corrode faster than expected when exposed to sulfur compounds under high pressure. san ramon chevron said all color carbon-filled systems to make sure they're not at risk for failure. >>> now continuing coverage for an 11-year-old oakland boy who was wounded by a bullet while he slept in his own bed. tonight he is now back at home in the same house where he was shot. luis hernandez has a bullet in his back. h
, and that is helping to cool off numbers in the overnight hours. fifty-three in concord, mid to upper 50s around san jose. so widespread 50s in most cases. if in the north bay valley directions, pet to allow ma, santa row is a, all singing back into the mid to upper 40s this morning. so, again, that compressing air bringing a very shallow marine layer, less than a thousands feet. seeing a little bit slip into the bay. most waking up with mostly clear skies, mostly cloudy for the afternoon. afternoon highs look like this, 88 for santa row is a, 88, nap pa. mid to upper 70s around the east bay, 79 in oakland, 80 for heyward, 90s in the valley, 93 for pittsburgh, mid to upper 80s near san jose. 76 in santa cruz. at the boardwalk nice. eighty-four redwood city, 71 in the city. today the hottest day into the workweek. numbers will fall off back to below average this time of year thursday into friday and a bump with weekend in view saturday and sunday. >>> 7:12. >>> pretty embarrassing reason. a california delegate is heading home from the democratic convention before it's even started. >>> plus who stole
growth she did nothing to s- deserve that-- >> they are trying to piece together how she was hit by an s u v. while she was riding her bike she is at children's hospital in critical condition. this was near novato boulevard. reggie has the latest. reggie? >> this happened on novato boulevard. is a little bit dark and we're told by police that once that s u v struck the child the child hit the hood. they were trying to recreate the incident. the helmet was in the street and the bicycle was on the side of the road. the 12 year-old has just moved here one a month ago from new mexico. the friends are in shock. >> i was trying to call my mom and i noticed there was no answer. by sister and her friend came up and said that there is a car crashed on the street and that he leav-her name is haley she got hit and i just froze. >> she was taken from a hospital and then air lifted to oaklan air children's hospital. this driver is being cooperative. standard procedure is testing for drugs and alcohol. we will hear from the parents and adults that were coming to work a right after the accident. report
. it was negotiated way back in the '90s that we would have this and it was continued in our contract in '01 and '06 and now they've decided they don't want to us have it. well, yes, the economy has changed. things have changed, but we have to remember one thing. the nfl is not like caterpillar. they're a virtually monopoly with an anti-trust exemption and making record profits. so contributing 60% less to our pension through a defined contribution was simply unacceptable for us and it was a take it or leave it deal for them. >> j.b., in your sense, will the refs be appreciated more? >> for as long as i've been covering the league and what i think i understand about human nature, here's what i think may happen. the first couple weeks these guys are back. the fans and players will cheer and embrace them. after a few weeks you'll find the players and coaches screaming at them as they normally do. the bottom line is they may scream and holler, but they know that they understand the rules and they will enforce the rules. >> doesn't it bother you there was so much focus the last few weeks on the referees
in his 70s and son were flying from santa barbara to canada when they ran into engine trouble. it's a trip the we makes every year -- it's a trip the duo makes every year. this was in the cold, choppy waters off big sur. >> seas are rough. winds are about 2020 knots -- about 20 nots. >> it was obviously a challenge hoist for me. my job was to hoist. it's challenging for me. i train for it. it becomes second nature. to have somebody's life in your hands, it's definitely pressure on my part. >> reporter: and by 5:15, the plane got completely stuck in kelp and sunk. the names of those on board have not been released. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> police in redwood city out there searching for a moon has been missing for almost a -- man who has been missing for almost a release. police say this man has been missing since last tuesday. he was last seen -- last tuesday. >>> yesterday morning near stern meadow and golden gate park, a ranger approached a homeless man who resisted. a man started to swing a branch. the ranger was hurt. a police officer came to help. he was hurt. t
the bay this morning. the afternoon seabreeze will be with us. our high for today, 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay, 90s for the hottest spots. i'll show you the numbers outside your door at this hour and what you can expect for the afternoon, coming up. >>> two children kidnapped by their father have been rescued, after spending three days on a stolen yacht. ktvus allie rasmus is live in alameda, where their father stole the boat and took them out to sea. >> reporter: that's right. the boat used in this apparent child abduction was stolen from this harbor, bolina bay in alameda. this is video of the mother and her two kids, being driven back to safety by san francisco police. the children's father, 42-year-old christopher maffei is accused of kidnapping the two children from their mother's south san francisco home earlier this week. he then stole this boat from the alameda harbor and took off with his two small children on board heading south. last night around 7:30, u.s. coastguard, police and even the fbi were involved in the search and were able to locate the boat off the coast n
stepping out, look out for fog at the coast. temperatures low 50s to low 70s, by morning fog coast and bay. going to be cool. there may be dense pockets of fog. and the afternoon will feature a warming trend. it gets underway home, low 60s to low 90s, take a look at beyond tomorrow. there is warmer weather friday, mid-90s inland. into the weekend 96 degrees inland. 72 at the coast. and i'll let you know when we'll hit the peak in terms of the heat. back with the weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you. >> and this afternoon, an 11-year-old boy hit by a stray bullet left the hospital. >> he's talking about the near death experience. here is abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman. >> in oakland white patches on the side of the house only begin to tell a story of what happened here and the little boy came home today. >> i don't know why i got shot. i got shot. >> when he rested on his living room couch he seemed wiser beyond his 11 years, and also bewildered. it's been a week since gunmen fired 16 bullets into a bedroom and a week since one hit him in the chest. a week for his mother, fa
-american protestors attack u.s. government buildings in two countries leaving one u.s. official dead. >>> phone frenzy. all eyes on apple as the buzz builds over its rumored next generation iphone. >>> and deep impact. an amateur astronomer captures a massive explosion on the planet jupiter. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. welcome to our viewers across the nation. i'm mara schiavocampo. today we begin with under siege. libyan officials say the u.s. ambassador to that country and three other embassy staff members were killed last night during a flare-up in violence in the eastern city of benghazi. u.s. officials have yet to confirm the reports. last night, smoke and flames billowed out of the u.s. consulate in benghazi after libyan security forces clashed with armed muslim protesters throwing handmade bombs at the compound. the gunmen were outraged over an american film promoted by an extremist anti-muslim advocate which criticizes islam and the prophet mohammed. secretary of state hillary clinton strongly condemned the attack. earlier tuesday anger over that s
group says it's targeting u.s. bank today. yesterday the same group targeted wells fargo's website. the bank says the cyber attacked caused some problems but customer information was not compromised. last week the group disrupted service on the bank of america and chase website. and today cyber attacks against u.s. bank is set to start at 7:30 this morning our time. the group says it will continue until a video they say insults the prophet muhammad is removed from the internet. >>> iranian president speaks today at the u.n. general assembly in new york. some leaders are planning to boycott the speech. he accused the u.s. of bullying and domination and also said a new world order needs to be established. president obama addressed the assembly yesterday and said time is running out for iran to settle dispute over its nuclear program. >>> two political heavy weights are added to the list of people upset over that controversial referee call. coming up in nine minutes the impact of the fofootball game o the presidential race. >>> now 4:36. the chp is investigating a frightening rolling
polls shows it leads mitt romney in virginia. >>> u.s. soldiers all around the world are taking a break. coming up, special training they will have to participate instead as the military tries to curb a disturbing trend. >> soming up, the regular referees are coming back. the agreement includes a retirement plan and regular officials will begin with tonight's game between cleveland and baltimore after replacement referees blue a call between seattle seahawks and green bay packers. now while one is resolved, the other continues. the nhl lock out could last for months. they have set up a negotiating meeting and it relies on hockey for their business. and they reported up to a 50% jump in business on game nights. >>> now 4:35, let's check in with sal with for a look at traffic. >>> if you are off to a doesn't start, -- decent start, now is the time to do it. you can see traffic here looks good heading out to the mcarthur maze and no major problems if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, at the bay bridge toll plaza. they were doing work in this area near the 580 mcarthur change an
. a southerly wind for today. that's going to take our temperatures into the mid-70s, giving us more seasonable conditions for this tuesday. but take a look. we're talking about some of the areas north and west of town that are in the low 40s. culpeper, 41 around frederick, maryland. and mt. airy. 43 leesburg and sterling and warrenton. 46 right now down south around la plata and waldorf, maryland. some clouds coming into our area, but not until tomorrow where we get the mostly cloudy sky. for today, first part of your day, nothing but sunshine and cool conditions. big range in temperatures, 47 to 56 degrees right in town. by lunchtime today it's going to be pretty nice. 67 to 70 degrees. more seasonal conditions. and then in the afternoon, for the afternoon commute, partly sunny, nice and milder. getting up to a high temperature today from 72 to 76 degrees. i'll have a look at your for four-day forecast in a few. >> now at bw parkway at landover road. have an accident. luckily, it's now moved to the right shoulder lane. police on the scene. you are seeing some volume as cars slow down to make
of a 3-year-old boy who was the son of a san jose police officer. today the d.a.'s office announced the boy accidentally killed himself with his father's weapon. investigators are not filing criminal charges against officer brandon orlando. they athe shooting did not meet all the required elements for charging him with the criminal storage of a fire arm. the shooting happened at the family's home in gilroy on july 5th after the boy found his father's gun in the drawer of a nightstand. the district attorney said it's a sad and precautionary tale about gun safety. >>> president obama's united nations address began with a tribute to chris stevens. mr. obama called on the world leaders to join him in condemning the violence that killed stevens and three american staffers in the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the president then explained to world leaders why the u.s. cannot ban a youtube clip blamed for much of the violence in the middle east. the clip insults t s ths the pr muhammad. >> as president of our country and commander in chief of our military, i accept that people are goin
. that is kind of capping that fog so it will burn off sooner. 60s, 70s and also 80s. the system that gave us the cool down now in the rockies. high pressure building in behind that may give us our first september offshore breeze friday and saturday. patchy fog today. 60s, 70s. 80s inland. clear lake in there. sonoma 82. freemont, 76. palo alto a little warmer. maybe even the coast getting in on the sunshine. tory, dave. >>> thank you, steve. oakland mayor's deadline to appear at a deposition on police reform or face possible contempt of court charges. a federal magistrate threatened punitive action if he skipped another deposition on the pace of court ordered police reform. the mayor canceled an appearance at a deposition august 30th saying she had to attend a city council meeting. the mayor said she will be ated to's deposition. >>> oakland police are looking for the suspect of a deadly shooting that happened crust before 9:00 last night about a block away there the oakland coliseum station. police say the victim was transported to the hospital where he died. >>> time now 7:10. congresswoma
-important hispanic vote. veronica? >> brian mooar in washington. brian, thank you. >>> a top u.s. security official told a senate panel wednesday the deadly attack in libya on september 11th in which the american ambassador and three others were killed was a terrorist strike. senators also registered doubt the attack started as a spontaneous protest as well as disbelief over the consulate's lack of security. nbc's danielle leigh has more from washington. >> senator, you have been -- >> reporter: sitting before the senate homeland security committee, three of the top u.s. security officials called this scene last week, that deadly assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, where four americans died, evidence the u.s. continues to be vulnerable to terrorist attacks. >> they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack. >> reporter: much else remains unanswered or under dispute. was al qaeda involved? >> we are looking at indications that individuals involved in the attack may have had connections to al qaeda. >> reporter: was the attack planned like the libyan government insists or was it s
is continuing their investigation so no official charges have been filed yet. >> the u.s. supreme court could announce as soon as today whether they will review to cases involving same-sex marriage. one of those cases in los proposition 8, that is the measure that voters approved four years ago limit a marriage to heterosexual couples. the other case involved a lawsuit filed by new york woman who claims the federal defense of marriage act is unfair to same-sex couples who were legally married _ + . a headlines for you, two suspects in custody after an early- morning burglary attempt at pg&e plant in navato. investigators say they tried to steal copper which is stored at the facility on hamilton drive. one police officer was hurt after tackling one of the suspects. for people recovering from smoke inhalation after a fire at a south san francisco duplex. among the injured is a police officer that was treated has already released. the fire broke out late last night near grand avenue and chestnut ave. seven people are displaced and the cause is under investigation. a man accused of trying to duck
. temperatures are relatively mild. highs in the '60s by the bay and mid-70s by the south. in the east bay, mid-80s. as we go thru this we will watch temperatures continue to warm up. >> the oakland a's victory against the seattle mariners. >>vicki: the 49ers start this season with a few tough games. the 49ers one up early including record 63 yd field goal. >> the oakland athletics in a pennant race for the first time since 2006. they were victorious of a role in seattle. >> the public house at maximum capacity. >> still ahead we will look at the battle brewing on the campaign trail and asked americans if they're better off than there were four years ago. >>stanley: coming up, someone in pleasanton did not get the memo that i might be coming to visit. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >>vicki: the mitt romney campaign released a new ad in wisconsin asking voters if they are better off since the president's office. appointed to disappointing job numbers in
is reduced in parts of the bay. so temperatures are school. we have mist, plenty of 50s out there, but by noontime it will be sunny, a few patches of fog left over at our coast. 70 #* 70s and 80s around the bay. a quick warmup and we will see the sea breeze confined justify to the shoreline. numbers in the 60s there, 80s around the bay and 90s inland. it's a spare the air day. the sea breeze is week and we are talking about much, much warmer weather the second half of the weekend and into next week. we will look at the seven-day outlook coming up. terry. >> thanks a lot. this morning the woman accused of leaving her daughter behind of a getting caught shoplifting in morgan hill is in custody. 38-year-old marcie keelin was arrested last night inning a nine day odyssey. officers found her in a motel room with a male companion and her 11-month-old son, ashton. she said she would kill herself if she couldn't be with her baby. she's wanted in connection with a shoplifting incident in safe way. she had her cart full of groceries which were not paid for to the exit. when she pulled up to
continues to push back and we will see some sunshine. numbers in the mid-60s to upper 60s from the coastline and the fog not far, but we will see mostly sunny skies around the bay. and the warmup continues with numbers in the mid-80s, oakland upper 80s down through san jose. and the upper 90s in the livermore valley. so that is an increase about five to seven degrees in our warmest inland valleys. we will talk about the beginning of the work week, which still features the warmth. that's coming up, carolyn. >> thank you, lisa w this heat wave, several day area counties are opening cooling centers to deal with the heat. in santa clara, cooling centers will be open in cupertino and morgan hill. contra costa county has three centers in san ramon and you can cool off in almeda county at three city libraries and the union city sports center. for more information go to abc7news.com and click on "see it on tv." now to an east bay political fight is turned physical. a richmond city councilman is set to press charges against a community activists for punching him in the back of the head, and it happen
that grab a jacket, especially north and west. temperatures down in the mid- 50s. it's 6:00 a.m. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. >>> good morning. for the most parpts our major thorough -- part our major thoroughfares are looking fine. on 95 northbound north of dale city, a disabled vehicle in the left center lane. southbound 270 has been incident free this morning. no big deals to report as you head from frederick down to clarksburg and the point where the lanes divide. you've got your usual slowdowns. let's take a live look jut side if you're planning to -- outside if you're planning to head to the beltway near georgia avenue. brake lights from 95 as you head into silver spring. if you're planning to head to the northbound side of 95 and 395 again just your normal slow stuff up to the 14th street bridge. back over to our graphics. again marc penn line delays 30 to 60 minutes, restricted speeds due to the storms yesterday between d.c. and bowie and also number 403 is canceled. you can use metro this morning. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:11. >> thanks, monika. we'll see you
hill today. warm to 78 degrees. antioch, 70s right now. and san francisco, 55. our highlights next week, they include low clouds near the coast and bay tonight. it will turn cooler for your sunday afternoon, and then we'll rebound nicely with warming temperatures as we head into the middle part of next week. here's a look at our lows tonight. generally in the 50s. we may see a few mid-to-upper 40s, and extreme north bay communitie communities such as cloverdale and santa rosa, and the fog base will move in near the coast and the bay, and the culprit is this area of low pressure right here, the counterclockwise spin, it's going to push the low clouds and fog a little towards the coast and the bay overnight tonight, but it's also going to bring us a cooler air matches that's why temperatures for sunday will come down. i do want to pass along a couple advisories. a red flag warning from noon to 8:00, lake county, towards the sierra range. low relative humidity, less than 10%. and strong winds will pick out of the west. quite a bit of wave action. we do have a beach hazard advisory for stro
was found unconscious in a hotel room with a note saying i'm sorry. the victims were both in their 80s and found dead earlier this month in their home. >> yesterday's severe thunderstorms are well off the coast and moving further away. we've seen a clearing trend with more sunshine breaking through and the high pressure will hold strong and build in tonight. we're looking a beautiful weather but it will feel like fall. look at these low temperatures. thirties' showing up in the great lakes and that air is headed our way. we will see how long this fall- like air will stick around and see if it hangs around for the official beginning of fall in your forecast and a few minutes. >> people are up in arms tonight, concern that city officials planning to pave a big chunk of a park to make way for certain renovations and improvements. the plant is preliminary but it would create 95 parking spots to use for various purposes. it would at a driving route and help increase activities at the senior building. but for neighbors, the main objection is losing something hard to find in the city, green s
nations general assembly. i'm jamie colby in for jenna lee. jon: the president warning iran that the u.s. will quote, do what we must to prevent the rogue nation from acquiring a nuclear weapon and condemning the deadly wave of anti-american protests in the muslim world. take a listen. >> the notion that we can control the flow of information is obsolete. the question then is how do we respond? and on this we must agree, there is no speech that justifies mindless violence. jamie: david lee miller is outside the united nations right now. david, give us some specifics on what the president said about the recent spike in violence targeting the u.s. in the muslim world? >> reporter: jamie, the president talked about combating extremism of all types and he began his speech interestingly enough by specifically talking about chris stevens, the u.s. ambassador who was killed in benghazi. he began his speech talking about chris stevens and he also chose to conclude his speech talking about the life and the death of chris stevens. the president said that the attacks at the last two weeks were not
in a pipe inspection program. >> u.s. chemical safety board says the decision made by chevron are being investigated. another decision in question has history residents even more fired up. >> how long can we hold our breath? the fire was spread over 11 hours. >> epa launched a criminal investigation into why chevron bypassed its air monitoring equipment and burned off toxic gas at least 20 times without reporting it between 2005 and 2009. >> when chevron installed 6 flow meter to comply with the regulation we did not recognize the need for meter on this line. >>reporter: she have respect payed a fine of 170,000 dollars for sulfur dioxide emission. >> i think these events make one make it harder for one to trust the credibility. i know they are working on it but it's hard to trust them under the circumstances. >> a lot of people were still complaining of health issues and weren't happy to here what cal/osha said tonight. they said it's unlikely that chemical can be detected in the body to prove the health issues are related to that refinery fire. reporting live in richmond, l abc 7 n
segment of the pipe in this service should have been included in a pipe inspection program. >> u.s. chemical safety board says the decision made by chevron are being investigated. another decision in question has history residents even more fired up. >> how long can we hold our breath? the fire was spread over 11 hours. >> epa launched a criminal investigation into why chevron bypassed its air monitoring equipment and burned off toxic gas at least 20 times without reporting it between 2005 and 2009. >> when chevron installed 6 flow meter to comply with the regulation we did not recognize the need for meter on this line. >>reporter: she have respect payed a fine of 170,000 dollars for sulfur dioxide emission. >> i think these events make one make it harder for one to trust the credibility. i know they are working on it but it's hard to trust them under the circumstances. >> a lot of people were still complaining of health issues and weren't happy to here what cal/osha said tonight. they said it's unlikely that chemical can be detected in the body to prove the health issues are r
included in a pipe inspection program. >> u.s. chemical safety board says the decision made by chevron are being investigated. another decision in question has history residents even more fired up. >> how long can we hold our breath? the fire was spread over 11 hours. >> epa launched a criminal investigation into why chevron bypassed its air monitoring equipment and burned off toxic gas at least 20 times without reporting it between 2005 and 2009. >> when chevron installed 6 flow meter to comply with the regulation we did not recognize the need for meter on this line. >>reporter: she have respect payed a fineollars for sulfur dioxide emission. >> i think these events make one make it harder for one to trust the credibility. i know they are working on it but it's hard to trust them under the circumstances. >> a lot of people were still complaining of health issues and weren't happy to here what cal/osha said tonight. they said it's unlikely that chemical can be detected in the body to prove the health issues are related to that refinery fire. reporting live in richmond, l abc 7 news
tomorrow. the morning not so bad. mostly 60s outside. as we head towards 1:00, and 2:00, look at that, livermore, 95 degrees. 2:00 still not near the hottest time of the day for the bay area. really tomorrow just a sign of things to come as we get back to the workweek. the hottest days ahead in the seven-day forecast will be as we get back into the workweek. we'll show you some of the summer-like changes ahead in the full seven-day forecast in a few minutes. diane? >> okay, thanks, rob. >>> we have more information tonight on that mother accused of abandoning her 10-year-old daughter in the south bay in a failed shoplifting attempt. police arrested 38-year-old marci key land in nevada and she is expected to be extradited to the bay area on monday. she and her 10-year-old daughter were trying to steal groceries when the girl was caught and her mother drove off. authorities found her in a motel in fern lee, nevada. >>> thousands of people packed a san francisco state university gym today to hear a world renowned activist speak. aung san suu kyi won the world peace prize in 1991, and one
an american named chris stevens. >> reporter: the u.s. diplomat who loved libya, but who was murdered there. his u.s. consulate in benghazi burned. >> there are no words that excuse the killing of innocents. there is no video that justifies an attack on an embassy. >> reporter: there was no sympathy from the president. but he called for a deeper look into the root causes of anti-u.s. muslim rioting, and demanded that muslim leaders do more now. >> it is time to marginalize those who even when not directly resorting to violence use hatred of mercator west or israel as the central organizing prine iie of politics. >> reporter: iran's president, ahmadinejad yesterday called for the elimination of israel. >> make no mistake, a nuclear armed iran is not a challenge that can be contained. >> reporter: israeli prime minister netanyahu publicly pushed obama to threaten force against iran. he didn't. >> america wants to resolve this issue through time diplomacy, and we believe there is still time and space to do so. >> reporter: mitt romney was in new york saying not enough good jobs in muslim natio
or not they will strike. >>> the u.s. postal service has suffered another setback. the usps is expected to miss a $5.6 billion payment to the government. they were expected to make the payment on sunday. the cash is supposed to fund health care benefits for retirees. if congress doesn't act soon, mail delivery could be drastically cut. >>> turning our attention to the race for the white house. both mitt romney and president obama will be in ohio today. >> both candidates plan to make stops in the cleveland and toledo areas. governor romney will also make a stop near columbus. tara mergener has more. >> reporter: by bus or by plane, for mitt romney and paul ryan, this election could come down to one state. >> oh. oh! >> ohio. >> works every time. >> reporter: ohio is one of the key swing states in this election and today romney and president obama will be battling for attention there, but the latest cbs news poll swing state shows romney with some ground to make up. the poll just out this morning has president obama up ten points in the buckeye state. he had a six-point lead before the conventions. >
attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. nbc's brian mooar has details. >> reporter: was the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya spontaneous or did terrorists use a protest over an anti-islamic film as cover? >> opportunistic extremist elements came to the consulate as this was unfolding. they came with heavy weapons, which unfortunately are readily available in post-revolutionary libya. >> reporter: libya's interim president says it was coordinated, but not by libyans. >> it was planned by foreigners, by people who entered the country few months ago. >> reporter: libyan officials say they've rounded up dozens of suspects. the fbi is hoping to deliver a definitive answer on what happened, but has been unable to reach the consulate in benghazi because it's still too dangerous. the waves of anti-american protests from north africa to asia appear to be ebbing, but critics of current u.s. policy say the protests are not the problem, they're a symptom. >> if we all decide to rally around the video as the problem, we are going to make a serious mistake. >> reporter: isra
at devry.edu. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow. yeah... think they made a mistake?s. i don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night. . >>> four people made their first court appearance today in stock son on charges of abusing five children in their own [inaudible]. they were arrested last friday. police say that the five victims were abused both physically and mentally and were malnourished. they are the neice and nephews. the adult family members facing 11 charges including torture and they are being held on one million dollars bail. >> the santa clara da's office said it'll not file charges in connection with the shooting death of a police officer's 3- year-old son. the child shot himself with his father's back up gun on july 5th. according to the da's report the child's father brandon orlando had left it in an unlocked bed side drawer they normally didn't do. even so the report said that it would be difficult to prove in court that a child would have been likely
you a live look there at just how shallow it s. we'll see mostly sunny skies today along the coastline. partly cloudy by the afternoon. mid-60s to 70s for you. if you like it hot, you are in luck. temperatures this morning have slipped back into the 40s in some cases. a very nice overnight cooling has allowed that possibility of a heat advisory for today to be canceled by the national weather service. so that is actually some good news. we continue with the warming trend. today again the hottest spots nearing 100 degrees. tomorrow will be the hottest day. so our back-to-work monday will be quite toasty in some areas. mike mentioned this. the spare the air alert for today taking a look around the region. we've got unhealthy air for our sensitive folks in the north bay as well as east and down into the south bay. a very light, light on shore breeze will keep the coast as well as just inside the bay moderate for today. current temperatures right now 47 in napa. santa rosa the cool spot 44. widespread 50s in many areas. even nearing 60 degrees at this hour in antioch, 59. 57 for livermore.
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